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” You are better off working for a great leader in an old fashioned organisation than you are working for a terrible leader in an enlightened organisation.”

Karen Schmidt


Karen takes team leaders from surviving to thriving. She is an experienced speaker, coach and the author of 5 books.

  • Karen’s goal is to help team leaders stress less, smile more and see results.

  • She’s known for being practical, down to earth and direct. She finds the use of metaphors help make the concepts more memorable and help people relate to them.

  • She is also the only beach volleyball competitor (male or female) to have reached the medal matches in each of the first three Olympic contests.

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Karen Schmidt CSP is passionate about helping people create sustainable success…because she knows what it feels like when you don’t.

It took her 14 years of working in 7 different industries before she discovered her strength, completed a degree in Adult Education and started her own speaking and coaching business.

Over the next 20 years Karen worked with organisations across 8 countries in the Asia Pacific region to develop their people. She also helped many individuals get promoted, change careers or start businesses.

Along the way she wrote 5 books, won awards and received accreditation. But that success was temporary and she found out the hard way what unsustainable success feels like.

Her goal now is to show others how to put in place strategies that reduce their stress and increase their personal satisfaction so they can create sustainable success.

Karen is a Certified Speaking Professional, an internationally recognised accreditation held by less than 10% of members of the Global Speakers Federation.

She is available for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, workshops and as a panel member or panel leader.


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“Karen was colourful, professional and polished. Even though she is a very well recognised and awarded speaker, she is still very much ‘real’ and, from an event organisers prospective, so wonderfully easy to work with.”

Lynne Wilbraham, Manager Economic Development, Gympie Regional Council

“Karen’s thought provoking approach generated very positive insight, learning and great feedback from our clients. I would highly recommend Karen as your next presenter.”

Paul Jagger - CEO, The Business Centre Pilbara, WA.
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