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BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS – Start-Up, Re-Branding and Brand Re-Fresh

What stage you are at in your business will determine how you manage your brand. Whether you are an individual in small business or a large national company, every interaction you have with a customer (existing or potential) provides an opportunity to communicate. Therefore, a strategically planned and successfully executed brand is an essential investment.

Branding is an all-encompassing term and includes your business name, logo, colours, typography, images and tone of voice. All these elements need to be presented consistently across all your marketing and communication platforms.

Start-Up Businesses

If you are starting out, you have the opportunity to create your brand from scratch and ensure it is executed successfully from day one. The branding process will also provide direction for many other areas of your business. It will help to clarify exactly what your offerings are, who is your ideal target market and how to best promote yourself – to name a few.

Brand Re-Fresh

This process is most applicable to businesses who are not changing their trading name and would like to keep certain elements of their brand (such as icons, colours etc), but realise it needs an update. There are a variety of reasons why this might be required and the size and scope of a brand re-fresh differs from one business to another.


The decision to undertake a complete re-brand is not one taken lightly. Usually it is required because a business realises their current brand does not reflect where their business is today or, it was not developed appropriately from the outset. The opportunities of re-brand can allow a business to increase leads and sales significantly

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Kylie was engaged to design and develop our Brand. She achieved this in record time and within our budget. Her outstanding commitment, communication and passion was prevalent from start to finish. She is ahead of the pack and one in a million! I would highly recommend her services.