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All our professional speakers charge a fee for their services. When organising your event, you should set aside part of your overall budget towards having a speaker at your event. As part of our service to you, we can help select a number of speakers that will meet your requirements and budget.

There is no defined time frame on when it is the best time to book your speaker. The earlier the better! Our experience tells us you book the speaker at the same time to confirm the venue.

Yes. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking.

This is one of the conversation points you will discuss with your consultant when you confirm your booking. Many of our speakers are happy to mingle with guests before, during and after an event. It will just a matter of availability.

Every speaker’s needs are different. When your booking is confirmed your consultant will provide you with a list of any requirements, equipment or special arrangements that may be needed.

Your RaRa Speakers consultant will fully brief your speaker on all the requirements and objectives of your event. Is saying that, if you would like to personally brief your speaker, this can easily be arranged via your RaRa Speakers consultant, who will be able to arrange a time for you to catch up over the phone.

Yes, your consultant will provide you with the speaker’s requirements should there be a need for the speaker to travel from interstate. This is usually an additional charge to their normal fee.