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Kylie was recommended to me at a time when our Company’s website had “gone missing” and we were also ready to re-brand our company with a view to freshening up our image and bringing it more in line with what Cameron and I believed the company was all about. All of this was happening in the months leading up to the Ausrail show which is the biggest Rail Industry show in the country.

Well, let’s just say that the changes Kylie helped implement and the assistance she gave helping us reach our goals was nothing short of impressive. And she did this with calm and conviction, professionalism and a “going the extra mile” attitude. She dragged our website back from the depths of web world when other “tech” gurus didn’t know what to do. And she revamped it AND our image and had us looking our best at Ausrail.

She has since implemented a digital strategy for us to bring us into the modern world of marketing.

I would highly recommend contacting Kylie and her husband Marty for professional and economical marketing consulting services and general business mentoring support.

Kelly Cooke, Managing Director, GLH - George's Loader Hire Pty Ltd
Marty is a well-connected travel specialist who understands the importance of relationships and branding. He is enthusiastic about business travel and is seen as a influencer of this space through his involvement with social media.
Alex Kouz , Head of Sales & Account Management – QBT – Sydney

Kylie was engaged to design and develop our Brand. She achieved this in record time and within our budget. Her outstanding commitment, communication and passion was prevalent from start to finish. She is ahead of the pack and one in a million! I would highly recommend her services.

Amanda Manton, Founding Co-Director of LUV&CO. Estate Agents

A great person to work with a dedicated to his profession – I found Marty to have extensive knowledge of the Travel industry and always available to assist with any inquiries.

Ian Waller, Carers Australia
Marty retains excellent sales skills, has strong relationship building capabilities and is approachable and affable. Moreover, Marty knows the value of maintaining ongoing relationships even when the business necessity is not apparent, that is he fosters business contacts continuously knowing he will leverage them as required. He has a strong work ethic and is 100% committed to whatever he turns his hand to.
Raymond Faulkner, General Manager – Sofitel Hangzhou Westlake – China

Marty is a very effective Manager who sets high standards. His wide industry network of contacts has also enabled him to achieve the goals set by him in his career and I would recommend him as a person to do business together.

Anthony Luxton, Japan Holidays - Gold Coast

Kylie is very intelligent, dedicated & one of the most sincere individuals with whom I have had the pleasure to know. She requires neither direction nor motivation & always under promises and over delivers. After working with Kylie for the past 12 months and seeing first hand her organisational skills, I myself would not hesitate to use her vast array of skills in any business I own.

Kylie is constantly enthusiastic & cheerful, and extremely generous with her time. She has demonstrated through her work that she is determined to maximise his Human Relation knowledge & people skills. Kylie is an excellent leader and teacher who instructs with inspiration and passion that can only come from the heart. She is well respected and liked by all my team and her peers alike.

An asset to any business or organisation is an understatement.

Ritchie Gibson, Professional Speaker, Author, Mentor and Trainer

Kylie Byrne is the person you want managing your marketing. She is dynamic and creative. Her ability to understand your business needs and marry that up with the right marketing strategy is unbelievable. I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone looking to grow their business.

Louise Youens, Marketing & Business Growth

Marty is a very experienced sales and marketing manager; he is well-known and highly regarded for his successes in his chosen area. Marty has always been well-connected within his industry, is known for his ability to get on with anyone and his focus on doing a great job. He is also great fun!

Megan Payne, Consultant – Link Training - Brisbane
Marty is a dedicated, trustworthy professional who knows his market. Marty is not only a talented Sales and Marketing Manager, who was liked and respected by his team and work colleagues, he is also extremely creative in working within limited budgets, all done with a wonderful sense of humour, such a joy to work with.
Alison Innes-Power, Sales Manager – Royal Brunei – London UK

I would highly recommend Kylie Byrne to any business looking to grow their business. Kylie is a highly skilled and talented Marketer. Her no nonsense approach and passion for her craft are what makes her a pleasure to deal with.

Adam Donkin, Managing Director at Two Moons Consulting
Marty is excellent in whatever he works and tasks taken up. His willingness to handle and take up tough projects and focusing on the completion has amazed and motivated myself. He has excellent leadership qualities and is also extremely popular among his workmates and friends. Marty works hard and is always seen encouraging people to work hard and better themselves along with himself.
Brad Sperling, Sales Manager – Scenic

I have known Kylie over a number of years & we have worked together on numerous occasions with clients on their advertising campaigns. Kylie is an absolute professional with a keen eye for detail, out of the box thinking and is incredibly personable. Her ability to ascertain the clients needs & then deliver a tailored marketing solution whether it be media placement, branding, graphic design, or utilising any form of social media platform is always outstanding & clients get results. Kylie is passionate about working with clients who are focused on success, but works with them to take their business to the next level.I can’t recommend Kylie and The RaRa Agency highly enough, for anyone in business who is looking to grow and take their business to that next level.

Felicity Musgrove, Media Specialist