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“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be, and embracing who we are.” – Brene Brown

Nadine McGrath


Great Women – Great Stories – Great Media. Helping women leaders & change-makers rise to greater impact.

  • Nadine guest lectures at university and remain on top of changing PR and marketing practices.

  • She understands many of the concerns for women, including juggling motherhood and a career.

  • She speaks about getting right to the heart of the issues around why women lack greater exposure and influence with stories, statistics and insights along with solutions.

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I’ve always loved to find, write and tell stories. As a child all I ever wanted was to write stories. At age 10, I was writing and distributing my first newspaper, The McKendrick Avenue News. I chased stories on our street for my paper and recall passionate conversations with my mother who established a strict code of ethics, curtailing my investigative research. This code meant no reporting any gossip and my mother had to approve all content. When I gave her a spiel on “freedom of the press” she threatened to shut down the publication altogether.

For over 20 years I worked in journalism, public relations and content marketing. My career kicked off as a rural reporter with WIN TV progressing to senior opportunities with News Ltd and Australian Associated Press.

I’ve covered and written every type of story from supporting local farmers to business leaders, interviewing royalty and prime ministers. I’ve reported on natural disasters, crime, health, sports, education, business and financial markets.

In 2015 I launched an agency to address a market gap for a service that combined PR, media training and content marketing. Gaining influence and visibility for clients is more than traditional media exposure with PR evolving enormously in recent years.

I enjoy running and long walks in nature, observing some of my best ideas come while on a long sweaty jog. I’m also a prolific reader and enjoy watching a good movie. On weekends an afternoon nap is a treasured luxury usually squeezed in between my other job of being an unpaid Uber driving mum shuffling my three kids to various extra-curricular activities.

Inspiring women to share great stories
Women have amazing business, personal and community stories to share. In an Age of Information Overload having a strong brand voice is vital. Changing the status quo of the under-representation of women as media sources, elevating their voice and influence sits front and centre of my purpose.

Throughout my career, I’ve found many inspiring women from political leaders, health professionals, scientists and business leaders, lacking the confidence to share their expertise for more impact. Other women have courageously tried to get their message out but with minimal success.

Growing up in a family who encouraged women to aim for the stars, my reality was of gender voice equality. However, as an adult like so many other women, I faced the challenges and sting of not getting my voice heard.

In harnessing my PR and media skills over the years, I pledged that I would help as many women leaders and change-makers as possible to gain greater visibility for impact. I’ve been encouraged, mentored and supported by amazing women business leaders in my quest.


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“Nadine was commissioned to write content for our website, press releases and campaigns. Her understanding of the medical profession and strong news sense was invaluable. She translates complex subject matter into informative, capturing content. Nadine is a talented writer able to provide expert communication advice and strategy.”

Maryan Jarahi, Director of Business Development , P.B. McKenna & Associates

“From my very first phone call with Nadine, I felt comfortable and supported. She very quickly understood the message I was trying to convey, and had some really great ideas on how to elevate this to a more professional standard.”

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