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Kylie Byrne

Director and RUPA Accredited Agent

From Hamilton – New Zealand,  Kylie often jokes she was born with rugby in her blood. She grew up surrounded by the game, and when not playing in an all boys team – spent her time watching whenever she could. Fast forward quite some years, she is now an Australian citizen living in Brisbane with her co-director husband and 9 year old (just as rugby obsessed son). Kylie’s passion for rugby is undeniable – and so too is her desire to support any player who’s plan it is to pursue a professional rugby career. She has a genuine care of each individual and enjoys using her wide range of talents and experience to encourage her charges not just achieve their professional dreams, but to enjoy the journey, plan for their future and create a legacy well beyond their playing days.

Darryl Krook

Darryl is known across Australia as an excellent Counsellor and Coach. His work with senior executives, with families, and with individuals alike is well respected. Darryl is extremely well qualified in this capacity. With Masters degrees in Counselling Psychology and Educational Psychology, and as a member of the American Psychological Association, Darryl brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his profession. Darryl’s love of rugby comes from many years of both playing and coaching the game in his younger years. These days he is happy to watch his rugby with the same passion wiht which he played it. Helping young rugby players find their way in life as well as gently guiding experienced players in many of life’s challenges makes Darryl an excellent mentor for this valuable program.

Kemina Fullwood

Kemina, a former athlete with a degree from RMIT, is our mental and physical health specialist – she’s our secret ingredient. Imagine not just having the physical strength but also the mental strength to excel both on and off the field and being able to unlock skills that you previously found difficult, with ease. She can open you up to understand why you behave the way you do and what your special soul gifts are, along with the tools to be able to access your full capabilities. She can help you overcome emotional stress, expectations and performance anxieties that hold you back with caring, compassionate and down to earth guidance that helps to provide a solid foundation for clients to move forward into health and empowerment. Kemina is Kylie’s personal therapist and has helped her to harness her power and realise her full potential.

Michael Jeh

Michael is a former cricketer who played for the Marylebone Cricket Club and Oxford University. Born in Colombo, Ceylon Michael emigrated to Australia as a refugee at the age of 15. After graduating from Griffith University he attended Oxford University where he studied as a postgraduate. Michael developed a life skills program and delivers his programs to Australia’s major sporting codes, including Cricket Australia, Australian Rugby Union, Surfing Australia, Swimming Australia and Netball Australia. Michael is a long term friend and colleague of Kylie’s and they both share a passion for imparting critical skills that form the foundations of great people.

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