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To encourage the growth and development of rugby by providing a well-rounded suite of services for our amateur and professional players.



Our players can expect consistent honest communication and ethical behaviour in our methods and outcomes


Time and money are valuable commodities and we strive always to ensure a positive return for our player’s investment


We don’t work for our players – we work with you. Our collaborative approach centres around an understanding of mutual respect


We are passionate about delivering tailored and unique management options. Our creative approach allows exciting outcomes for our players



Kylie managed Ben Daley for the last 2 years of his long career at the QLD Reds.

It was during this time she developed the ‘Be Great, Do Good’ campaign, facilitating everything from concept to activation. This required her to have the idea which had never been tabled before – approved by the IRB, SANZAR, ARU and QRU.

She was then able to gain sponsorship from Impact Rugby who would produce her one of a kind designs for Ben to wear each game. She engaged and liaised with all charities on weekly basis and coordinated all production, communication and media during the 2015 and 2016 Super Rugby Season’s.

During Kylie’s management, Ben completed his Bachelor of Laws form Bond University, Won the People’s Choice Award in 2015 and was nominated for the RUPA Charity Award, both because of his work through the BGDG Campaign. Although suffering 2 season ending injuries, Ben continued his BGDG work off field, supporting 32 charities over a 2 year period. In 2016 – the campaign was welcomed back by the Red’s and 2 more players joined the crusade.

2015 Media Release for the launch of the ‘Be Great, Do Good’ Campaign.

‘Be Great, Do Good’ is an initiative to utilise part of Ben Daley’s regular playing equipment – his headgear – to raise awareness for a different charitable cause during each round of Super Rugby. The campaign is a way of reminding fans that “Rugby is a game for thugs, played by gentlemen.” “I found it really difficult to see the sport I love come under that scrutiny, when I know how great the Rugby community is. This is a really tight-knit, community-minded sport and I wanted to remind people of that. It is part of the reason people become lifelong Rugby fans.” Daley will wear a different head gear each week, featuring a design unique to the charity he is supporting. Each game in the Super Rugby draw for the Reds coincides with a particular charitable event throughout the year, so in all, Daley will raise awareness for 16 charities across the Super Rugby regular season. Clues will be posted on the Reds social media accounts at the start of each week, with fans encouraged to guess which organisation Daley is supporting. The unique headgear design will then be revealed when the Reds team for the week is announced. Daley’s aim is to raise awareness and funds for each organisation, with each one-of-a-kind headgear being donated to the charity for use in fundraising efforts. “Be Great, Do Good’ is a simple idea that I hope the Rugby community can wrap its arms around. As members of the Reds, we endeavour to be great on the field and as members of the wider Rugby community we need to do good off the field,” Daley said.

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