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“I’ve spent many years climbing!”

Lisa Cox


Since Lisa hit restart, she’s had many personal and professional achievements. Learning to write and speak again was just the beginning. She started her own business, wrote two books, became a professional Speaker, met and married an amazing man, returned to study, and travelled overseas.

  • Lisa is a multi-awarded writer, presenter and consultant based in Australia. She is also the author of multiple books and has a strong professional background in media.

  • Fused with her life-changing experiences, this has fuelling her mission to muse, educate, challenge convention and broaden our definitions of diversity.

  • Her work has been published nationally and internally for publications like Huff Post and The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Lisa is on a mission to muse, fuelled by a deep passion to make difference in this world.

Her speaking portfolio has included various health and well-being events, medical conferences, corporate and government functions, plus leadership and self-esteem workshops for girls and women.

If you’ve check out Lisa’s social feeds, you’ll see life is anything but perfect. But as she always says “I still love it #becausewhynot”.

Lisa’s an optimistic realistic who knows that gratitude is so much more than a hashtag!

When people ask Lisa what she does, she tells them she’s a writer. Lisa spent many years as a copywriter in advertising agencies around Australia. These days she’s a freelance writer and contributor to national and international publications like the Huff Post (formerly The Huffington Post) and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Lisa speaks and writes about overcoming challenges, failure and resilience.

“I firmly believe that we all have challenges but we also have choices. My challenges might look different to yours but often the principles are similar.”


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“Lisa Cox is an inspiration! She eloquently presents with passion and conviction, and has a unique ability to connect with her audience.”

Misty de Vries - Chief Operating Officer, Women’s Forum Australia

“Every female needs to her Lisa Cox present. Her story, optimism, and unwavering determination are truly inspiring. Lisa is helping to create a new culture of women confident, capable, and courageous!”

Sophee Southall - Editor & Travel Blogger, Happiness Hunter
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