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“Leadership within the organisation has been shown time and again to be the single biggest contributor to success or failure of the organisation.”

Darryl Krook


Darryl Krook is known as one of Australia’s most challenging and entertaining speakers on areas of Organisational Development and Leadership. He has spoken at conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA.

  • Darryl is an internationally known lecturer, presenter and speaker across a wide range of corporate issues.

  • He is a respected consultant to industry in the areas of Strategic and Organisational Development.

  • As an adjunct Associate Professor Darryl also consults heavily to a number of Australian Universities in the areas of Leadership and Performance related issues.

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Darryl Krook is a respected consultant in the areas of Strategic and Organisational Development. He has worked with a range of public and private organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and Europe.

Darryl Krook is known as one of Australia’s most challenging coaches, facilitators and speakers on areas including Governance, Strategy, Culture and Change, Leadership, and Organisational Performance. He addresses conferences, facilitates workshops, and coaches senior executives globally. As an experienced coach and accredited mediator in Australia, Darryl often works with organisations to assist with staff performance issues. He is also an adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University (Australia) and holds senior advisory roles at several Australian Universities.

Darryl’s particular strength lies in his ability to work at the top end of organisations. As a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Darryl often assists company boards in Board Dynamics, Strategic Thinking, and Board Performance issues. When working with senior executives, Darryl’s reputation for Leadership Development and Coaching with the C-Suite is well respected. His ability to both challenge and grow senior executives has been shown to have a significant impact on company performance.


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“I’ve heard many speakers before at conferences, but Darryl Krook held me in the palm of his hand for a full hour. Really interesting, educational, and funny as well. Thanks Rotary for a great international conference.”

President, Rotary

“One of the most interesting speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. This guy’s gold.”

Event Manager, RACQ
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