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‘Brand’ – a term that can elicit a variety of strong emotional responses, some good and others – well downright negative. The difference in response, more often than not, is linked to understanding the potential benefits of a strategically planned, well designed and executed brand.

Whether you are an individual or a company, the value of investing in the in the process of strategic branding provides you with the opportunity of gaining a wider perspective of your business. You will learn that decisions you need to make in other areas of your business will be informed by what is established in the branding process. You will also learn to execute activities in the appropriate order, ensuring the maximisation of your time and money.

There is so much jargon that gets tossed around on this subject that it is no wonder there is confusion and/or scepticism. So, instead let’s keep it simple and use the example of human personas to better explain. We will call them ‘Brandon’ and ‘Brandy’ (small groan permitted).

Brandon is an all round great guy. People are attracted to him and others want to be him. That’s because Brandon knows who he is and is comfortable in his own skin. His style is uniquely his own and exudes a confidence without arrogance. He is honest, reliable, friendly and approachable. Above all else, Brandon is authentic and this shines through in everything he does.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Brandy.  She spends a lot of time comparing herself to others instead of embracing what makes her unique. She’s attractive but shallow and is not interested in any form of self-reflection (unless it’s in the make-up mirror). She lies because she’s insecure, so she can’t be trusted. She has mood swings often, and those around her tread carefully not knowing which ‘Brandy’ will turn up. 

Just like people, brands have personalities. So, in developing a brand strategy – which persona do you think is more desirable? Pretty obvious isn’t it! So, whether you require a new brand, a re-brand, or a brand re-fresh, the items below are the common elements we establish via the strategy process:

Target Audience

There maybe more than one, but you need to clearly define these in order to communicate in a way that resonates with your market.

Brand Promise

A clear message that speaks to your target market so they know firstly what to expect when purchasing a product or service from you, and secondly what perhaps differentiates you from your competitors.

Brand Perception

If you are an existing brand, you need to find out what your current customers think of you – do they know your brand and do they perceive you the way you want them to? If you are a start-up, understanding how customers perceive other businesses in the industry that you plan to enter is essential.

Brand Values

What values essentially underpin your business operation? You need to define the core values that drive your decisions.

Brand Voice

What is your brand’s personality? The visual elements of the brand must be aligned with its values.

Brand Positioning

Your brand must embody that which makes you or your business unique and clearly communicates this to your target market, ensuring you stand out in a noisy and cluttered marketplace.


Join our brand expert for an 3-4 hour intensive think tank session. As each client is unique, we tailor these sessions specifically for you and provide an agenda prior to meeting.

We take our findings from the think tank session and then conduct further market research. Our branding expert often collaborates with our other marketing consultants in brain storming sessions during this phase.

Your completed brand strategy provides you with a blue print to move forward to the design stage and as a solid guide for decisions you must make in other areas of your business.

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Kylie was engaged to design and develop our Brand. She achieved this in record time and within our budget. Her outstanding commitment, communication and passion was prevalent from start to finish. She is ahead of the pack and one in a million! I would highly recommend her services.