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The management of your brand can have as much impact on the success of your business as it’s strategy and design does. The key is to maintain consistency across all applications, platforms and activities.

Launching your brand without a management plan, is like handing the keys of a shiny new car to someone who can’t drive! Think of your brand as the vehicle for your business’s success. You will require tutoring, understanding, support, practice, rules and a road map to get there.

The first step in ensuring brand consistency, is through brand guidelines. Whether your business is small or large, these are the rules and tools of how to use your branding elements.  

All brands are unique, but there are three elements that are included in every brand identity guide;

Colour Palette



Other elements that can be included, if they relate to your brand are:

Graphic Elements


Word Marks

Brand Tone


A Strategic Marketing plan is the next critical step following completion of your branding. We assess your desired outcomes and budget then combine the appropriate channels and activities, creating a 90-day plan initially that will be tested and measured for return on investment.

If you don’t have the human resources to implement your marketing activities in-house, we can facilitate this for you. Our services include: website build/management, social media, tv/radio, copywriting, electronic mail and more.

It’s very important that your employees ‘live your brand’. We provide the training and tools to help you educate your staff. This could simply be induction of the new brand or specific marketing and sales training through to executive level coaching and mentoring.

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Kylie Byrne is the person you want managing your marketing. She is dynamic and creative. Her ability to understand your business needs and marry that up with the right marketing strategy is unbelievable. I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone looking to grow their business.